New v4 style proposals?

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New v4 style proposals?

Post by danieltj »

Hello. I'm curious to know what the status is of the potential phpBB 4 default style? I know that 'Chameleon' is supposed to be the new style but it hasn't seen any development in around 2+ years now. I'm keen to get involved with it but it seems all the original links have disappeared / don't work / lead to nowhere so I'm stuck on how to proceed.

So my main question is ultimately, what is the progress with Chameleon and how can I get involved or 'revive' the side project and contribute to it? Please share any details you can, I'd love to help.

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Re: New v4 style proposals?

Post by Meis2M »

there are two project.

1- ACP new style
2- phpbb default new style

is there any idea u have in ur mind?

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