Hi, is this a bug? I post on support forum and it's not only me has error.

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Hi, is this a bug? I post on support forum and it's not only me has error.

Post by maplexxx »

My site can send emails when registering, but can not receive emails from the "contact us" form.

I spend a lot of time checking every setting in the ACP, but no luck.

So I decided to check the source code. I found functions_messenger.php is where the email sends and function msg_email() is the place I should check.

After var_dump some variables, I found I can't understand the "to" variable, it should be the email address that "contact us" email send to.

This is what happens, on line 543, I var_dump($this->addresses['to']), I got:

array(1) { [0]=> array(2) { ["email"]=> string(20) "[email protected]" ["name"]=> string(13) "Administrator" } }

So we got the correct email address [email protected].

But on line 632, I var_dump($mail_to), I got:

string(51) "=?US-ASCII?Q?Administrator?= "

That's where I can't understand, how could it send an email to the address "=?US-ASCII?Q?Administrator?= ", my PhpBB version is 3.3.9.

And this is another person who has errors too.
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Post by Mannix_ » Sun Jan 08, 2023 10:56 pm

There is something wrong i just tested in on my board (3.3.9) and a test board (3.3.8) and the contact us e-mail was delivered on 3.3.8 but 3.3.9 wasn't

EDIT. on 3.3.8 it works when you are logged (I unchecked the send a copy checkbox) in otherwise mail doesn't come.

EDIT 2 Weirdly if I used different email it started working on 3.3.9 but only when logged in

EDIT 3 Scratch the 2nd edit it only works when email in acp email settings matches the one on your admin/founder account.

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Re: Hi, is this a bug? I post on support forum and it's not only me has error.

Post by DavidIQ »

Hello. This is a development discussion board. The bug tracker is in the navigation bar at the top of this page.