Support for push notifications

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Support for push notifications

Post by madamx » Thu Nov 29, 2018 2:57 am

Note: since there isn't a ticket yet, I guess I should post this here?

With the nice responsive design in 3.1, there almost isn't any need for apps anymore. One can simply create a bookmark on their homescreen and it works like a charm. Only one feature is missing: push notifications about PM's, quotes, etc. Wouldn't it be nice if you got a message on your phone indicating there's a PM waiting for you?
Of course you can solve this with e-mails, but that feels somewhat half hearted.

I must admit, even after googling a bit I can't really find good documentation about what it takes to implement such a feature. However, I think it would be possible since sites like Trello give me a desktop notification when I get a task. It's supported in both Chrome and Firefox for at least a year now, I think other major browsers will support it as well.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Support for push notifications

Post by DavidIQ » Thu Nov 29, 2018 10:04 am

We use the Ideas feature for this sort of thing and there is already one out there: ... &t=2245421

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