[NEW THEME] 4. JS frameworks & approach

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Re: [NEW THEME] 4. JS frameworks & approach

Post by hanakin »

From the html no that was the point of why I did it that way. But it still requires a fair bit of js to get everything to work that way which we have to document vs vue which would not require much if any documentation give t hat they already document it and they way it works is readable. But the real test would be scaling up the jquery implementation framework across all of our needed code for a more accurate comparison
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Re: [NEW THEME] 4. JS frameworks & approach

Post by CHItA »

I think that for people who are not familiar with JS we would need to document the basic functionalities that are intended to be used by them, so I don't think that Vue completely solves that problem for us. On the other hand, for the style/extension authors who are familiar with JS development I do not think adding Vue would help too much as I think the goal should be to make managing JS libraries for extensions easier in the core and style editors can obviously add any framework they please.

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