Providing a way to add new columns to forum and topic lists

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Providing a way to add new columns to forum and topic lists

Post by Flerex »

Currently the template events available in forumlist_body.html and viewforum_body.html don't provide any way to add new columns (like, for example, the number of posts and topics that a forum has) to the lists. Adding a new template event doesn't quite solve the problem because prosilver's CSS doesn't consider the possibility of having more than the default columns.

As a new style is being developed, making changes to prosilver right now might not be worth it. It would be great to consider for the next phpBB style the possibility of having new columns added by extension developers by adding new template events and using some kind of technology like Flexbox to avoid hardcoding the column number.

What do you guys think?

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Re: Providing a way to add new columns to forum and topic lists

Post by hanakin »

There will be no columns in the new theme! Anyway instead it will be a list for topics under the title and for forums it will not be a table but instead a card by default you can look at the current work. I will be working putting this in an easier to find place more prominent place when I get some time, but for now you can see this post for examples viewtopic.php?p=303566#p303566
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