Contact Menu Support?

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Contact Menu Support?

Post by hanakin »

ok so phpbb has been around for a long time and we have managed several forms of contact within the contact menu. However some of these may be due for removal?

based on the include icon images we are still providing icons for the following

Normal simple forms of contact
  1. PM
  2. EMAIL
Only other none DB specified form of contact
  1. JABBER <- anyone actually use this anymore
DB specified forms of contact
  1. ICQ <- anyone actually use this anymore
  2. WLM <- same as skype?
  3. SKYPE
  4. AOL <- anyone actually use this anymore
Not forms of contact but rather profile links? (DB specified also)
  5. YAHOO
  6. WWW
Basically we have different categories of things in this menu that are not really related

The questions are as follows
  • Should they remain
  • Should we add more
  • Should we break them up
The first one is straight forward, I would suggest we at a minimum consider removing WLM, ICQ & AIM as they are not used much if at all.

An argument could also be used for jabber as well since most individuals are probably using skype or facebook messenger to accomplish this which both are instances of jabber...

Facebook messenger: ... t-website/

given the next section we could look to add other social profiles by default github to name one but there are several...

This is specifically referring to the separation in function between the chat/messeging services vs the social profile links. Perhaps we need to separate out the profiles into its own menu.

These are all just suggestions to get some feedback for the development on the new theme to move forward...
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Re: Contact Menu Support?

Post by bonelifer »

WLM was the newish name for the old MSN protocol. By now MS has shutdown WLM worldwide as China was the last holdout(shutdown 18 months after the rest of the world).

ICQ usage seems large in Russia(it was bought by, back in 2010).

While AIM still exist right now at least the move to shutdown third party apps, makes it look like AOL maybe looking at killing it or possibly getting rid of the OSCAR chat protocol and changing it to something else(though this last thing seems unlikely since AOL killed the AIM team for all intents and purposes in 2012 ( ).
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Re: Contact Menu Support?

Post by DavidIQ »

WLM and AIM can be removed. ICQ should remain.

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