a very minor request

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a very minor request

Post by J_M »

I host a forum for very non-saavy computer users. So I'm alway looking for ways to help them navigate.

I noticed something that is very minor, so feel free laugh a little but I thought I'd toss it out there.

When someone clicks on the the "forgot my password" link to reset their password. There are 2 options:

Submit or Reset....

see the problem :) I have never used this feature so I hadn't seen this until it has recently been brought to my attention. I'm not sure what the appropriate options should be.. possibly "clear" or just "cancel".

thanks and sorry for this minor one.
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Re: a very minor request

Post by neufke »

This one indeed made me smile... not at you but it took me back to school... many years ago...

Ever heard of the term 'please press any key' ? :-)
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Re: a very minor request

Post by Rhino.Freak »

One should be "Reset my password" or "Submit"
And other one should be "Cancel"
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Re: a very minor request

Post by Khaos-Rage »

Rhino.Freak wrote: Mon May 09, 2016 2:55 am One should be "Reset my password" or "Submit"
And other one should be "Cancel"
Well one button "Submit"s the form the other button " Resets" the form
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