Replace phpBB website links with shortener redirected on language files

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Replace phpBB website links with shortener redirected on language files

Post by Vinny »

Since when PR#3620 was merged, I was thinking about it, and today I was reviewing my language pack, on install.php file and decided to share this idea with you. ... l.php#L277

Code: Select all

'MYSQL_SCHEMA_UPDATE_REQUIRED'	=> 'Your MySQL database schema for phpBB is outdated. phpBB detected a schema for MySQL 3.x/4.x, but the server runs on MySQL %2$s.<br /><strong>Before you proceed the update, you need to upgrade the schema.</strong><br /><br />Please refer to the <a href="">Knowledge Base article about upgrading the MySQL schema</a>. If you encounter problems, please use <a href="">our support forums</a>.', now redirect to
Probably a ticket and PR must be opened to change the line

My main idea would be to use shorteners links to define the links that go to site of phpBB. Like:

Another example in the same line:

Code: Select all

<a href="">our support forums</a>
Probably when launching the 3.2, this line should be changed to the new 3.2 support forums.

Anothers examples: ... ll.php#L83 ... l.php#L195 ... l.php#L348

Here is an example already implemented: ... d.php#L306

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