Possible a new bug after update?

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Possible a new bug after update?

Post by Dragosvr92 »

On my 3.0 forums i had a style dir called LOTD.
After i updated the database to 3.1, i remade my style and made it depend on prosilver. Only modified the stylesheet and a few template files.

After i replaced the working 3.1 db with my main 3.0 db and i updated it to 3.1..... It gave me a blank page because prosilver was not installed, but the only installed style in the db was LOTD...with missing template files.... So it gave me a blank page.
I fixed it by running the script here to set prosilver as default style.

The full apache error log can be found here http://pastebin.com/4PZYaPAQ
Im not sure if this is ok or if it should be done something about it.

Most styles that were running on 3.0 may not have even been converted over so...
I think making a general rule to delete all installed styles and add only prosilver would fix a lot of issues.
All that users would have to do would be to click install on each style they do have in their styles directory.
Thoughts.. should i make a ticket?
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