Moving FAQ to controllers

These requests for comments/change have lead to an implemented feature that has been successfully merged into the 3.2/Rhea branch. Everything listed in this forum will be available in phpBB 3.2.
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Moving FAQ to controllers

Post by nickvergessen »

While trying to make it easier to translate the FAQs, I'm removing the strange array we use there and switch to normal language strings.
As this already changes most of the content, we might aswell just move the FAQs to controllers.

Now there are multiple questions:
  1. Which routes should be used?
    I would suggest using /help/faq for and /help/bbcode for
    This allows other extensions to add their help sites under the same prefix.
  2. The second question is where to put the controller. We have multiple options there:
    • Using the feature as second namespace: ./phpbb/help/controller/faq.php (this is what the API PR uses atm: )
    • Using controller as second namespace: ./phpbb/controller/help/faq.php
    • Moving it to an extension: ./ext/phpbb/help/controller/faq.php
    I think 1 and 3 would make sense, whereby 1 and 2 are easy and 3 requires the installer to enable exts afterwards...
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Teams for developing 3.1 and 3.2

Post by Meis2M »

+1 for that.

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Re: Moving FAQ to controllers

Post by Nicofuma »

I would say:
- /help/faq and /help/bbcode (in a /config/routing/help.yml file ^^)
- Use the feature as second namespace and maybe we will move it to an extension later, when we could manage extensions dependencies and when we will rewrite the installer (and so when it will be able to install extensions).
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Re: Moving FAQ to controllers

Post by naderman »

Let's keep the FAQ in core rather than an extension. I also agree that it should be phpbb/help/controller/faq.php, so we keep it somewhat a separate subsystem. The URLs you suggested sound good.

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Re: Moving FAQ to controllers

Post by AmigoJack »

Every page that is not searchable is quite useless - "normal" people using the keyword search might get what they want if not only posts would be returned as results. Likewise the FAQ is visited rarely. Even the whole ACP suffers from not being searchable, which both affects rookies and experts (3.0.x: Search in ACP).

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