Admin and Super mod groups not displayed on forum index

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Admin and Super mod groups not displayed on forum index

Post by mrgtb »

When you add a moderator group to forums, like some custom ones created. I have two in "moderators and helpers" group. The groups get displayed below forum listings on index. But if I add either admin or super mod group (default ones included), it doesn't show the groups on same forum listings on index page and will only show a username - if you add a user from those groups as forum moderators to forums (rather than adding the group) instead.

Is there a way to show admin and super mod group on index, rather than having to add usernames. As it works with custom groups created, but not the two default ones admin and super mod. Maybe I'm missing something, doing something wrong. But I cannot get either admin or super mod groups to be shown under forum listings if adding them to forums as group moderators.

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