[RFC] Forum sort order by Topic Time

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Re: [RFC] Forum sort order by Topic Time

Post by Kiweed »

After some positive responses it looks like this is dead now and im preying for Pony's lil UCP changes and drop down box in the forum - so my users will at least have the option of Topic time ..... thanks HEAPS Pony99A

Pony99CA wrote: I'm also not sure that one the MOD's claimed capabilities makes sense.
Also adds Forum default to UCP > Board preferences and makes this default for all users.
If it's a UCP option, how could it make it the default for all users? That would require an ACP option, I think. Maybe there's both a UCP option for users and an ACP option to set the default, but as written, it seems wrong.

I do think that this capability would be useful, though. However, if we can't get all of the capabilities in 3.1, we could at least add my changes to get the topic sorting order into the UCP. I might even be able to look into adding it for searching. Then somebody could write an extension to implement the rest.

Yeah Tunba did word things a bit funny
The best part of the mod was the ACP options to give each forum the option of Topic time or Post time (which should always be default anyways) or even some of my friends using it in the ACP as "sort by "Subject" "ascending" and having a nice alphabetical help/FAQ page
Listing by Subject (set in ACP for that forum) was the most asked for and used feature by a lot of people and was not what we intended when we started out
I guess theres nothing stopping the Admin to force list by Author either
Its the ACP part that makes it powerful
I think the confusion over the mod claims comes from the option to overide users UCP setting (only per forum) using the "override users topic setting"


Setting a forum default in ACP did need 2 extra fields in phpbb_forums table ---> database changes a few replies ago


I just installed RC5 and it seems so naked without the Admin being able to set how THEY want a forum listed
95% of discusion forums do need it set as post time
5% of specialty forums setup by the admin to list info in a different format could really do with the ability to sort in the ACP with the ability to override if needed.

I sort of forgot when we got tumba to write it that it wasnt Topic Time that most people used it for but "subject time" to create their own Library forums


I guess this will be my last go at grovelling for some more power in ACP for sort order in phpBB3.1

I am lucky theres folk out there like Pony99CA who has done most of the work for my users to be able to at least view by Topic Time (thanks heaps Pony)

Thanks ALL for your previous views and at least looking at the feature/idea

Ka kite ano

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Re: [RFC] Forum sort order by Topic Time

Post by Pony99CA »

I still owe posting my changes, but they were for phpBB 3.0.x (probably x=9).

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