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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by EXreaction »

In order to release the first Beta, these issues must be fixed: ... key%20DESC

Once we get to a Beta, an RC will be released as soon as all the tickets marked as blocker for RC1 are fixed.

We do not have a timeline as how long it takes is dependent on how much everyone works towards fixing those blocker bugs.

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by alexrfd »

Thank you, this really helps!

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by nickvergessen »

More like (your search does not work... :P)
But we may move back quite a lot of that.
alexrfd wrote:I hope I did not offend with my question as the reply could be interpreted as sarcastic. Are you implying that RC is really far away and we should not be counting on being able to put 3.1 in production any time next year?
Hi, sorry no-offence here. I was being sarcastic. We try to avoid giving timeframes as things changed due to personal life rather quickly in the past. So its more like a we will see how things work out and when they are done.
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by brunoais »

It is when it is ready. That will happen when all known bugs are fixed except for the cosmetic and other very minor bugs that can just move on to the next sub-version without problems. Anyway I doubpt that such bugs exist so, not until they are fixed, don't expect phpBB3.1 out.

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by tdntranslation »

I saw the regular version was released under the arrangement before after, for example, 3.1 would later 3.0.x versions later inherited the relevant previous version, but also independently.

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