[PHP] core.modify_username_string_before

These event requests have either been rejected by the community or have become redundant because of code changes or other events requests.
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[PHP] core.modify_username_string_before

Post by nickvergessen »

the Problem is, the current core.modify_username_string event does not cover the
username, color and profile modes of the function.

The new even should be right before switch, and after

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	if (empty($_profile_cache))
		global $phpbb_root_path, $phpEx;

		$_profile_cache['base_url'] = append_sid("{$phpbb_root_path}memberlist.$phpEx", 'mode=viewprofile&u={USER_ID}');
		$_profile_cache['tpl_noprofile'] = '{USERNAME}';
		$_profile_cache['tpl_noprofile_colour'] = '<span style="color: {USERNAME_COLOUR};" class="username-coloured">{USERNAME}</span>';
		$_profile_cache['tpl_profile'] = '<a href="{PROFILE_URL}">{USERNAME}</a>';
		$_profile_cache['tpl_profile_colour'] = '<a href="{PROFILE_URL}" style="color: {USERNAME_COLOUR};" class="username-coloured">{USERNAME}</a>';
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