[RFC|Rejected] theme hook

These event requests have either been rejected by the community or have become redundant because of code changes or other events requests.
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[RFC|Rejected] theme hook

Post by tbackoff »

Allowing authors to add theme files to the current theme set. This is more geared toward prosilver, as subsilver places all CSS in one single file. Our current setup shows the following (example only, 1 line):

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@import url("common.css");
Adding an additional parameter to import custom CSS files would be beneficial to those wishing to style their extensions a certain way without having to rely on the phpBB-provided CSS.

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Re: [RFC] theme hook

Post by Oleg »

This should be doable via a hook in overall header:


+ template inheritance for adding files.

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Re: [RFC] theme hook

Post by MichaelC »

I agree with oleg that this is already doable.

Unless there is a reason why it wouldn't work then I'll reject this.
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