Release highlights (aka user changelog)

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Release highlights (aka user changelog)

Post by Oleg »

I have an idea I've been kicking around for a bit, which is to provide a "highlights" / "useful" changelog for releases.

I suspect most people are not going to read the entire list of tickets fixed in a release (2+ pages now for 3.0.9). Many of those tickets are either not user-visible or are "transparent" improvements that need no mention. As a result important feature additions, bug fixes and changes in behavior get lost.

I thought about putting together a wiki page for each release and adding notable bullet points to it as respective tickets get fixed. Given our development pace keeping it up to date should be pretty low effort.

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Re: Release highlights (aka user changelog)

Post by AmigoJack »

Wiki is a good choice, since one can still start just dumping all the tickets, while others are free to augment the article. Also half a year later when a feature is still not listed it can be added easily. Also it would help popuplating the wiki.
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