[RFC|Merged] Delete "Confirm e-mail address"

These requests for comments/change have lead to an implemented feature that has been successfully merged into the 3.1/Ascraeus branch. Everything listed in this forum will be available in phpBB 3.1.
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Re: [RFC|Merged] Delete "Confirm e-mail address"

Post by DavidIQ »

XTF wrote:So?
Not yet approved I guess. :p
This was merged and there is no longer an email confirmation field during registration. You could have known both of these by simply looking at the topic title and by looking at the registration form.

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Re: [RFC|Merged] Delete "Confirm e-mail address"

Post by XTF »

Sorry. I actually just installed 3.1 to try and I did look at the registration page.. Guess I didn't look good enough and mistook the confirm password field for a confirm email field.

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