Upload attachments from a URL

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Upload attachments from a URL

Post by Kenshiro »

It's possible to create attachments upload with remote upload (upload from a URL)? Avatars remote upload already exists.. Why isn't attachment?

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Re: Upload attachments from a URL

Post by Oleg »

Moved to 3.2 discussion. This is a non-trivial feature, therefore the earliest release it can go in is 3.2.

Theoretically this should be possible. Practically, what is your use case?

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Re: Upload attachments from a URL

Post by Kellanved »

I see little value in this. Remote avatars are not actually copied to the board server, so the basic assumption ("feature already there for avatars") is faulty.

The sole benefit I see is that huge files might be added to a post much quicker by using the bigger bandwidth of servers. In this situation (admin offering big files as attachment), a MOD should be quity easy to program.
For other use cases (i.e. small files), it's perfectly possible to enter an URL in the file selection dialog in most modern operating systems.
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Re: Upload attachments from a URL

Post by naderman »

It's simply more convenient than having to download and then reupload if you want to attach a remote file. You might want to do this for example if you know the file will no longer be available remotely after a given time period.

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