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wired076 wrote:Wow there have been a number of responses in the last few days.

I find as GravityDK mentioned that STG's mobile theme does the job nicely on mobile devices.

The issue I find on the phpBB site is that I sometimes wish to either reply to a pm or a thread. When using the standard ProSilver style on a mobile device it is very difficult to view the entire text box for composing a message once it has reached the end of the box and you want to check what you wrote at the top of the text box there is no easy way to navigate back to the top.

I am unsure whether this issue exists on SubSilver2.

I have similar issues with phpBB on Android. My main issue is that it is sometimes very hard to click the buttons (reply / etc) -- even zoomed in, they are hard to click for some reason.

However I think the solution is to make small, iterative improvements to the prosilver style based on web standards. The way the mobile browsing environment is going is that surfing full-size, full-featured websites is fine.
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