How This Forum Would Work in a Perfect World

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How This Forum Would Work in a Perfect World

Post by A_Jelly_Doughnut »

In a perfect world, every phpBB user would have some feedback on what goes into phpBB. After all, the target audience for phpBB development is you: the user who puts up a board for members of his neighborhood association to communicate between meetings, the user who tries to get a little supplemental income from a board sharing Photoshop tricks and tutorials, and the user who professionally creates content about the Arsenal Football club as a job.

In the perfect world, phpBB would have the ideal feature set for all three types of boards. But we don't quite live there yet. Unfortunately, people like myself have used phpBB for so long that we can be stuck in certain paradigms. (e.g. For a really, really long time, the development team was convinced that quick reply was evil)

In this forum, it is generally the community's role to dislodge that. That means one of two things:
  1. Presenting a solid argument as to why a certain feature or improvement is needed
  2. Gathering enough people to persuade by sheer numbers
Having said that, we can't guarantee anything that's discussed will be included in any particular version of phpBB. It would take a lot of convincing that a feature like a calendar would be useful in phpBB.

The point is to have a lively discussion - because as I go around replying to topics, I sometimes feel that I'm strangling them. Basically, even if someone with the "Developer" label comes along and dismisses feature "X", that doesn't mean you shouldn't bump the topic and add your comments. They will be read, that much I can promise.