Adding extra links to the headers

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Adding extra links to the headers

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I've been following these instructions:
Knowledge Base - Adding a new link and icon to your header

Yo add a couple of exta icons to my page and seem to be hitting an error whereby in includes/functions.php I want my link to open a chatroom, and its not working because its retaining the .$phpEx, after the url:

'U_CHAT' => ' ... tml.$phpEx',

The site is

Please excuse a lot about this site lol - I'm creating this for an elderly lady and her group and she's been quite confusing to work with, and has insisted on some quite migrane inducing colours and patterns :S

This would fix one of her requests, however ideally, I'd have liked to include buttons in my header logo that linked to these areas - I'm using Adobe image ready, and I thought I found some great instructions on how to completely rebuild the header on the 'proper' boards (cos to have these interactive areas it wants me to save it as site_logo.html) and I can only get it to accept a 'flat' gif...

I'd appreciate thoughts on both, and hope that the main site is fixed soon :)