My website partner is an idiot: phpBB : Critical Error

Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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My website partner is an idiot: phpBB : Critical Error

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Can anyone help me? My website partner decided to install the last_visit_1.2.10em MOD, and decided to do so without backing up our forum first. To be really rad, he naffed the install by not running the last_visit_update.php as part of the install, so now we get the following error when trying to access the forum:
phpBB : Critical Error

Error updating last visit time


SQL Error : 1054 Unknown column 'user_lastlogon' in 'field list'

UPDATE phpbb_users SET user_session_time = 1232427954, user_session_page = 0, user_lastvisit = 1232366060, user_lastlogon = 1232427954, user_totallogon=user_totallogon+1 WHERE user_id = 4

Line : 202
File : sessions.php

So, can anyone tell me how to edit our existing php files so we can undo this? In the meantime I will whack my partner over the head.

Our URL is if it helps.