Help please... FastCGI timeout on step 1 of install

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Help please... FastCGI timeout on step 1 of install

Post by mikehalsey »

Hi. I'm having trouble installing the latest easy mod beta 0.4.0.

I have uploaded the files to the correct area on my site using ftp. Successfully run the easymod_install.php page and have the install page up and running whilst logged into my board as a Board Admin.

I have green 'ok's' against all options for read/write etc and 'off' showing against 'safe mode' on the first page of the install.

I enter all my ftp details and click 'submit'. This takes me to page 2 of step 1 asking me to set an easymod password.

I enter the password in both boxes, click submit and after a minute get a fastcgi time-out error. If I click the 'display debug info' button I get the same time-out error.

Not sure how to get around this but if anyone has any ideas I would be grateful.


PS - I am running phpbb2.

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Re: Help please... FastCGI timeout on step 1 of install

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normally, fastcgi should not have anything to do with this.

contact your host and ask them about this, they may have php installed in such a way that it is causing this problem.