Question about how EasyMOD works in order to understand

Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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Question about how EasyMOD works in order to understand

Post by julesagogo »

how to handle errors.

I read the FAQ and the ReadMe regarding not FINDING a line in a file and understand I need to correct that (my installation has mods), however I can't see where it tells me if any changes have been made to the production files. I'm guessing the files are copied into that mod's folder then the changes are made to the real files after encountering no critical errors?

The ReadMe is great! Maybe adding a little about how to handle the errors would be a good idea? EM gives some (likely unintentional) conflicting information in the report (below). I guess I'll delete the mod and do the changes by hand. Sigh. :) I guess I can also fix the error and hope EM handles it...I'll try that.

Thanks - love EasyMOD!

EDIT: The problem I was having was me being ignorant (or likely just stupid) about mods - I didn't think mod changes would interfere with phpbb vanilla. Instead, I thought they would enhance (add to) it. I found the offending name and changed it in the update script and it worked great.

My installation:
Template(s) used: Subsilver
Language(s): English
Anti Bot Question 1.0.3 8/28/2006
BBCode Strikethrough 1.3.0 7/27/2006
Multiple BBCode 1.4.0 7/27/2006
Attachment Mod 3/14/2006
Forum Notification 1.5.0 3/6/2006
EasyMod v0.3.0 9/2005, updated 3/06 & 8/07
Active Members Only 1.1.1 9/2005
Log IP on Registration 9/2005

EasyMOD processing report:

EasyMOD - Automatic MOD Installer
beta (0.3.0)
Installation Failed

EasyMOD encountered the following error(s). A general error could be ABC. A critical error means D and you should do XYZ.

Error Detail

Critical Error

FIND FAILED: In file [templates/subSilver/posting_body.tpl] could not find:

</select> &nbsp;{L_FONT_SIZE}:<select name="addbbcode20" onChange="bbfontstyle('[size=' + this.form.addbbcode20.options[this.form.addbbcode20.selectedIndex].value + ']', '[/size]')" onMouseOver="helpline('f')">

MOD script line #591 :: FAQ :: Report

MOD Data
MOD Title: phpBB 2.0.21 to phpBB 2.0.22 Code Changes 1.0.0 phpbb-2.0.21_to_2.0.22.txt
Author: Acyd Burn N/A Meik Sievertsen N/A
Processed Themes: subSilver
Processed Languages: english
Files Edited: 13
Commands Processed: 82
Unprocessed Commands: 0

The following commands were not recognized by EasyMOD and were ignored. The MOD script line number is displayed.
Unprocessed Commands

EasyMOD successfully processed the following commands:
Commands Processed
OPEN #80


FIND #85


OPEN #586

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Re: Question about how EasyMOD works in order to understand

Post by Poomerio »

I didn't quite understand your post, but since you added an error, I assume that it needs fixing?
You really need to make things clearer in your posts.

- Poomie