Install in Specific Styles

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Install in Specific Styles

Post by joseal2648 »

Hi there.

Sorry if this treath is in here. I think no.
My English is very poor and it's difficult to me sometimes read all the searches.

My question is:

When there are several Styles installed, EM automatically installs MODs from subSilver to all the Themes and all languages. Right?

So. Is there a way to install MODs to specific Themes or languages, not allowing EM install in all of them?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Install in Specific Styles

Post by Poomerio »

If a MOD edits either the English language pack, or the subSilver template, the it will edit all templates/language packs.
Just change the name of the language pack, and template (search for subSilver and lang_english).

- Poomie