Invalid Table error

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Invalid Table error

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I've been playing with the Sandodo's Paypal IPN group subscription 1.0.4 mod (which BTW is no-where near EM friendly)

One of the table names is perfectly valid when manually entered in phpAdmin but EM returns an invalid table name error on the last page. Before that it seems to be just fine with it.
The table name is 31 characters in length, which seems a bit excessive, but be shortening it and all references to it, ther error goes away.

Is there indeed a 30 character limit to table name length in EM?
Edit: Nevermind... I found it viewtopic.php?f=43&t=20911 :oops:

And and additional dumb question...
What is the significance of this error and can it be safely ignored?

Non-portable syntax option(s) "TYPE=MyISAM", ignored, statement: 24, table: "phpbb_account_hist"