When Will EM have uninstall?

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When Will EM have uninstall?

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When Will EM have uninstall? It would be nice to be able to take mods out.

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Re: When Will EM have uninstall?

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Restoring EM Backups

If a MOD that you installed with EM hosed your board or you decide that you just don't want it, simply go into EM History in your ACP MOD Center and click on the Details button next to the MOD entry. On the bottom of the next page, select Restore Backups and press the Go button. Make sure you DON'T select the Remove Record option or you will be forced to manually rolll back the EM backups that were created for you. I will have to walk you through that if need be...

MODs can only be uninstalled in reverse order that they were installed: FILO (First In, Last Out). So if you installed a MOD, then several others, then decided to remove the first one, you would have to Restore the backups of the other MODs before you could Restore the backups on the first MOD...

Restoring EM Backups (Manual Instructions)

Download the backups folder that EM created for you in the MOD sub-folder found in admin/mods. Strip the .txt extension from each file in every folder in the backups folder. So the resulting file extensions will be php, tpl, css, and cfg. Upload the files back to their proper locations on your board; i.e.
  • copy backups/admin/*.* to phpBB/admin/*.*
  • copy backups/includes/*.* to phpBB/includes/*.*
  • copy backups/language/lang_english/*.* to phpBB/language/lang_english/*.*
  • copy backups/templates/subSilver/*.* to phpBB/templates/subSilver/*.*
  • copy backups/*.* to phpBB/*.*
Of course if you have alternate templates and language folders, you will need to copy the files for them as well. I'm referring to phpBB as your forum's root folder in the above copy commands. If your root folder has any other name, just substitute phpBB with the name of your forum's root folder name...