EasyMOD Rewrite now using a public CVS server

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EasyMOD Rewrite now using a public CVS server

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We are now using a public CVS server for the EasyMOD rewrite. If you would like to view the files or check them out, see this page for more information. You can subscribe to the checkins mailing list so that you get notified every time CVS is updated.

We are going to accept bug reports here in the following sections of code. We will not accept bug reports for anything else:
  • Server Move/Write Method
  • FTP (fsock and php extension) Move/Write Method
  • Install MODs process
  • SQL Parser
If you would like a feature or something changed in EasyMOD, now would be the time to submit a request to the Feature Requests.

The rewrite isn't anywhere near complete although it is getting close to the same point as the current release of EasyMOD is at.

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