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[DOC] EasyMOD ChangeLog

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Version History

v0.4.0 – 2008-06-30 v0.3.0 – 2005-11-10
Bug Fixes:
  • Bug: path errors like: admin/./mods/ and .../easymod//...
  • Bug: FTP ERROR: login failed (involves changes in em_cipher.php)
    An attempt to fix this issue has been made by changing the way stripslashes and htmlspecialchars were used. In addition to this, a new method has been implemented to make sure the encrypted FTP password is stored in DB using hexadecimal characters only.
  • Bug: Issues with KEY (reported by -=ET=- at SF.net).
  • Bug: Hard coded template path compensation goes too far away (reported by -=ET=- at SF.net).
  • Fixed security related issue by changing initialization code (install and acp scripts affected) to make sure only admins can enter, in any mode.
  • Fixed security related issue by adding checks to prevent unauthorized access to files.
  • Fixed several issues in templates.
  • Fixed preview mode (PRE was generating double lines).
  • Removed empty lines after ?> in PHP files (this may have caused problems when Gzip compression is enabled).
  • Removed non-implemented options that were available from the History Details panel (aka "coming soon" features).
  • Fixed a problem that was causing the FTP Cache feature to fail in certain circumstancies.
  • Fixed language related issues (-=ET=-).
  • Fixed an issue with ftp_chmod, mode was passed as decimal in PHP5 (wGEric).
Functionality Added or Changed:
  • Implemented a new SQL Parser.
  • Removed the phpBB version check for processed MODs.
  • Record Processed Files extension. A new table has been created to store the list of files modified by each MOD. This information is saved as soon as each MOD is installed and visible from the History Details page for each MOD. A new selection box has been added to the History report with the names of all modified files, so it's posible to filter MODs that have modified a specific file.
  • Restore Backups and Delete MOD Record extensions. Both available from the History Details page.
  • Implemented the test_ftp function in the EM settings panel (including debug option).
  • Added extra information to the debug report (install script).
v0.2.1 – 2005-07-09
  • Fixed bug with copy action not showing an error if file to be copied doesn't exist (Reported by wGEric)
  • Changed &minus to - so it would display correctly here (Reported by Nux)
  • Fixed a typo with Coming Soon (Reported by Nux)
  • Fixed extra lines within the preview mode. Language still says there may be extra carriage returns (Reported by Nux)
  • Fixed bug with IN-LINE actions (Reported by multiple people)
v0.2.0 – 2005-06-20
  • Control of EasyMOD was switched over to a team for more streamlined development.
  • Added support for DIY INSTRUCTIONS action command. (Request: Various; Implementation: wGEric, 2005-05-06)
  • Added support for INDEX as a synonym for KEY in SQL queries (via the SQL action command). (Request: Various; Implementation: TerraFrost, 2005-05-27)
  • Added support for INCREMENT action command. (Request: Various; Implementation: TerraFrost, 2005-06-08)
  • Added MOD Details page to MOD History. (Request: Various; Implementation: wGEric, 2005-06-11)
  • Improved MOD Installer help. (Request: Various; Implementation: TerraFrost, 2005-06-15)
  • Fixed most (if not all) hard-coded language variables. (Request: Various; Implementation: Various)
  • Implemented RFE 1188772: Cannot specify non-standard FTP port. (Request: kukacomone, 2005-04-13; Implementation: TerraFrost, 2005-05-01)
  • Implemented RFE 1199346: EasyMOD does not support MySQLi DBAL. (Request: evans17, 2005-05-10; Implementation: Darkmonkey, 2005-05-20)
  • Fixed bug that caused installation problems with PHP 5 due to long arrays not being set. (Report: Various; Fix: Darkmonkey, 2005-04-26)
  • Fixed Bug 1188766: Blank getcwd() result causes incorrect templates detection. (Report: StuartBall, 2005-02-26; Fix: StuartBall, 2005-02-28; Fix: wGEric, 2005-04-27)
  • Fixed Bug 1188758: ftp_cache parameter not specified for test_ftp(). (Report: Various; Fix: GPHemsley, 2004-08-19)
  • Fixed Bug 1188763: Title stored in database is sometimes too short to be unique. (Report: markus_petrux, 2004-08-23; Fix: selven, 2004-09-21; Fix: markus_petrux, 2004-09-21)
  • Fixed Bug 1188769: Mismatched BBCode in Expanded Debug Info. (Report: GPHemsley, 2005-03-13; Fix: GPHemsley, 2005-04-27)
  • Fixed Bug 1188761: Default values with spaces in SQL queries fail. (Report: -=ET=-, 2004-08-15; Fix: GPHemsley, 2004-08-20; Fix: Darkmonkey, 2005-05-01)
  • Fixed Bug 1188760: Directories in COPY commands created before MOD is processed. (Report: markus_petrux, 2004-08-18; Fix: wGEric, 2005-05-09)
  • Fixed Bug 1188759: Preview mode fails, and without any helpful error message. (Report: Arka, 2004-08-13; Fix: wGEric, 2005-05-09)
  • Fixed Bug 1188765: AUTO_INCREMENT row shouldn't have DEFAULT value. (Report: Various; Fix: wildteen88, 2005-01-30; Fix: GPHemsley, 2005-03-11)
  • Fixed Bug 1204611: Access (CHMOD, UNLINK, MKDIR) listed incorrectly. (Report: HSorgYves, 2005-05-18; Fix: wGEric, 2005-05-18)
  • Fixed Bug 1188771: Incorrect suggestion for write method with FTP move method. (Report: Playa, 2005-04-08; Fix: wGEric, 2005-05-25)
  • Fixed Bug 1204617: Access MKDIR only works 1st time if UNLINK disabled. (Report: HSorgYves, 2005-05-18; Fix: wGEric, 2005-05-25)
  • Fixed Bug 1204619: Option idunno not working in step 1b during install. (Report: HSorgYves, 2005-05-18; Fix: TerraFrost, 2005-05-27)
  • Fixed Bug 1214500: Fantastico installations of phpBB cause language pack errors. (Report: Various; Fix: TerraFrost, 2005-06-20)
  • Fixed Bug 1211929: FIND failed on hardcoded style path in tpl files. (Report: -=ET=-, 2003-12-26; Fix: TerraFrost, 2005-06-21)
v0.1.13 – 2004-08-12
  • SQL Processing: Partial support and translation of SQL queries via the SQL action command.
  • Full support for the COPY action command, including *.* notation.
  • Further simplified the install process.
  • Fixed the bug that would mess up the board config settings.
  • Many little fixes and improvements that weren't kept track of.
v0.0.11a3 – 2003-12-22
  • Fixed a problem with the fix for storing FTP passwords.
v0.0.11a2 – 2003-12-19
  • Fixed a problem with storing FTP passwords.
v0.0.11a – 2003-12-16
  • A few minor bug fixes.
  • Fixed 2 bugs that could have given people problems when trying to install.
v0.0.11 – 2003-12-13
  • Increased security: In the past, if the database was ever compromised, the EasyMOD password was visible in plain text, as was the FTP password. Now, to further protect the user, the EasyMOD password is first protected with MD5 encryption. Then, the FTP password is encrypted with a sophisticated blowfish cipher using the EasyMOD password as the key. So even if the database database was to be compromised, the FTP password would still be very secure.
  • Preview Mode: The MOD Team had already been using this feature for over a month prior to this release to aid in MOD Validation. It allows users to see what changes a MOD will make to their board before it is installed. It is a very useful tool for MOD Authors to test that their MOD script is working as it is supposed to. Each file can be selected separately to see what changes will be made to it. A new window opens, displaying the contents of the file. Any modified lines stick out in bold red text.
  • Modularized and broke up the large admin_easymod_functions.php file.
  • FTP: Now allows the use of a host name other than localhost.
  • FTP: Now allows the use of the PHP FTP Extension instead of the fsockopen method, if warranted.
  • FTP: Now uses the ftp_cdup protocol instead of ../ for changing directories.
  • Fixed the very strange "F's" problem caused by not having the lang file in place by halting the program and throwing an error if the file is not found.
  • For several key functions, when an error is thrown, it traces the function call history to that point. This will help narrow the possibilities of where a problem is occurring.
  • No longer tries to add the phpbb_easymod table if it already exists.
  • Vastly improved help messages when an error is encountered, listing several debugging options.
  • If using FTP, must use it for both writing and moving.
  • Documented that it's normal for some of the preliminary tests of the installer to fail.
  • Changed support link to the EasyMOD home at Area51.
  • The installer correctly tries to put the easymod.gif file as a binary.
  • Replaced all hardcoded lang entries with in the FTP tests.
  • Fixed some debug path reporting issues.
  • Display where to find help and how to report a problem on error messages.
  • Links open in new window that is resizeable.
  • Use htmlspecialchars() when getting data from the MOD script.
v0.0.10a – 2003-08-04
  • Fixed COPY action command to allow "copy dir/file to dir/".
  • Fixed download option.
  • Fixed on screen option.
  • Added a debug mode for FTP with the installer.
v0.0.10 – 2003-07-30
  • Fixed bug with mkdir return.
  • Added missing buffer+ftp option on settings ACP.
  • COPY action command working, except for *.*.
  • Make FTP the default methods.
  • Fixed incorrectly coded paths.
  • ../ in path a problem for some FTP servers. (Report: Aexoden, 2003-07-04)
  • Settings page in AdminCP should autocomplete with old settings.
  • Run FTP access test in debugger for move method.
  • Fixed pass-by-reference warnings. (Report: GPHemsley, 2003-07-14; Fix: Ptirhiik, 2003-07-14)
  • Correctly parse MOD header to allow for EM to detect more MODs.
  • Display info on how to install other MODs.
  • Make sure English and subSilver are present before installing.
  • Lowercase EasyMOD directory to be easymod/.
  • Temporary quick fix to determine if file is ASCII or binary.
  • Fixed a duplicate lang file entry.
  • Make COPY accept unlimited tabs and spaces.
  • Changed mod_file param in EM table to be 255 chars (was 50).
  • Fixed finding a bug with multi-line finds. (Report: GPHemsley, 2003-07-25)
  • Streamlined the function that performs FINDs.
v0.0.9c – 2003-07-03
  • Error message in modio_open for 'server' reported wrong filename.
  • Error message in modio_close for 'tmp' reported wrong filename.
  • Bug fix: now when FTPing, CD to a directory before putting a file.
  • Bux fix: removed trialing slash when making a directory. (Report: GrMa, 2003-06-05; Fix: GrMa, 2003-06-05)
  • Fixed potential bug with performing find, initialize a variable. (Report: Thoth, 2003-06-06)
  • Fixed a minor bug with installation confirmation file version check.
  • Now, when FTPing, use relative path from phpBB instead of absolute path.
  • Eliminated the need for tmp directory write access.
v0.0.9b – Not publicly released
  • Informal testing release to a limited amount of people.
v0.0.9 – 2003-06-03
  • Fixed bug: complete_file_repro not throwing an error on failed close.
  • Fixed bug: in strip_whitespace when only one line was wanted.
  • FIND improperly deals with whitespace. (Report: Ptirhiik - RPGnet-fr, 2003-05-27; Fix: Nuttzy99, 2003-05-28)
  • Fixed bug: passwords not working. (Report: wGEric, 2003-05-24; Fix: Nuttzy99, 2003-06-02)
  • Use PRE on process screen. (Report: Ptirhiik - RPGnet-fr, 2003-05-24; Fix: Nuttzy99, 2003-06-02)
  • Reposition DEFINE. (Report: GPHemsley, 2003-05-24; Fix: Nuttzy99, 2003-05-26)
  • Improper path in err msg. (Report: Snover, 2003-05-26; Fix: Nuttzy99, 2003-05-27)
  • Properply delete tmp file after tmp/ftp fails.
  • Fixed up get_phpbb_version.
  • str_replace ' with '' on EM insert. (Report: Super Saiyan Gecko, 2003-05-25; Fix: Nuttzy99, 2003-06-02)
  • Fixed chmod close error on post_process files.
  • Fixed chown close error on server post_process file.
  • Fixed put error on ftp post_process file.
  • Fixed the cross-site scripting exploit on installer.
  • Made scan tests into seperate and independent functions.
  • Fixed ordering of some tests.
  • Fixed the mkdir fail message.
  • Check copy access on phpBB root path, not EM directory.
  • Do not recommend write server if cannot mkdir.
  • Using $lang entries when selecting access methods.
  • Fixed bug: recommend manual move if not writing to server.
  • Recommend copy only if have root_write and copy access.
  • Fixed bug on mkdir access, had forgotten $ on var name.
  • Verifies FTP access on tmp write.
  • Fixed bug, complete_file_repro not throwing an error on failed close.
  • Added expanded debug info.
  • Added confirmation page.
  • Added EM upgrade ability.
  • Fixed the incidental display of \n on an sql error.
  • Allow for lowcase of EM dir. (Report: Ptirhiik - RPGnet-fr, 2003-05-24; Fix: Nuttzy99, 2003-06-02)
v0.0.8 – 2003-05-24
  • Too many changes to track! Complete overhaul.
v0.0.7 – 2002-09-02
  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Solved Quick BBCode Buttons known issue.
  • Implemented standardized Quick BBCode Buttons for ALL MODs.
  • Added admin_mod_functions.php to enable code reuse.
  • Implemented multi-language support in templates.
v0.0.6 – 2002-08-14
  • First testable version.
v0.0.4 – 2002-04-14
  • Proof-of-concept release.

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