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Welcome to EasyMOD Central

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You've found the support and development home of EasyMOD, the automatic MOD installer for phpBB. The precise affliation between phpBB and EasyMOD is still being worked out. However we can say that EasyMOD is not currently an official component of phpBB and issues involving EM are unrelated to phpBB and The phpBB Group. Therefore these subforums are the only appropriate location for EasyMOD related discussion.

The Group has been nice enough to give us a home here. But please be aware that this is the 2.2 development board. It is in constant change and from time to time things just won't work correctly. The entire database could get wiped out at any time. I'll be keeping my own copies of any important docs in case the site needs to be rebuilt. If your posts get lost, you've been warned :wink:

Thank you, enjoy, and read before you ask!
-Nuttzy 8)
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