How to report a problem with EM installing a MOD

Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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How to report a problem with EM installing a MOD

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Reporting a problem:
If none of the information in the FAQs helps you then I absolutely want you to report the problem so that I can help you and so that I can improve EM for everybody else too. Please include as much information as possible.

Theoretically, if EM installs correctly, there shouldn't be any problems with MOD installations that are truly an EM bug. But if you think there is....
  1. READ THE FAQ!! If you asked something that is already covered then the only reply you get will be RTFM!!!!!!
  2. Include any error messages or warning you get, and if helpful, your own description of any problems you are having
  3. Be sure to provide a download link to the MOD you are trying to install. I need to see the EXACT MOD script in question
  4. Please be patient. Generally it is not going to be an EM problem so answering these question are lower priority. But I'll get to you eventually so please don't bump your topic needlessly.
Doing this will help me fix your problem and I will really appreciate it.

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