[PHPBB3-15544] I cannot understand the content in the ticket

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[PHPBB3-15544] I cannot understand the content in the ticket

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I try to resolve the ticket: https://tracker.phpbb.com/browse/PHPBB3-15544 but in the ticket description there are some links that point into the german forum for phpBB. Is someone where is able to explain-translate the content of theese forums?

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Re: [PHPBB3-15544] I cannot understand the content in the ticket

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Thanks for picking the ticket.
Because I'm not active on area51 on a daily base, it would have been better to leave a message in the ticket. That way I get a message from jira.

So, for the translation /description of the topics, I'll give you a summary:
In both cases there has been an update from a earlier version of phpBB to the current one. In both cases users reported about language keys appearing in the acp without a translation into a proper language string. Those language keys are the names of ACP modules:
Those modules should have been deleted by migration files during updates.

The migration files have been executed according to the entries in the migration table.

Looking in the migration files and the core code, I suspect a culprit with the function "module.exists" giving a "false" and therefore the "module.delete" is not executed.
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