New contacts (Telegram), Customize contacts from ACP idea.

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Re: New contacts (Telegram), Customize contacts from ACP idea.

Post by Raheem »

@javiexin, Many thanks man it works. This is a working method of adding a right icon for any contact field. May you post it officially so anyone search found it.

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Re: New contacts (Telegram), Customize contacts from ACP idea.

Post by andywilson »

Raheem wrote: Fri Jun 02, 2017 2:35 pm Hello, I ask why you don't add Telegram in contacts? I see there is WhatsApp and other kinds and i really like Telegram and use it so why not adding it as default option in next versions?

Or better idea is to make contacts can be customized from ACP like managing ranks. So i can add new contact with it's photo same as ranks. Hope this is good idea :)

I think you have not seen the telegram option because telegram is used by a few people and WhatsApp is used by almost three billion people.
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