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Discuss requests for comments/changes posted in the Issue Tracker for the development of phpBB. Current releases are 3.2/Rhea and 3.3/Proteus.
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How to use this forum

Post by Nicofuma »

During the development process we use several tools and each of them have a particular use case:
  • Ideas (currently down) contains community ideas and proposals.
  • JIRA contains bug reports and concrete proposals.
    Contrary to Ideas, a proposal on JIRA describes what should be done (the features) and why.
  • Area51 is used for the discussion of a JIRA ticket when commenting on JIRA is not enough to adequately discuss a ticket. In these cases a new topic should be created here.
    Note: The first post of the topic must be updated to reflect the current key points of the discussion (latest proposals, pro/cons, etc.) so a new reader can see in the first post what the current state of the RFC is.
  • Github contains the Pull Requests and related questions/comments about its implementation, but does not necessarily list or discuss the features nor the proposal itself.

On JIRA, Github and Area51 you must copy the links to the relevant PR, JIRA ticket and/or RFC topic so users can easily navigate to any part of the process from any tool.
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Re: How to use this forum

Post by Pony99CA »

I don't like the part about "Area51 is used for the discussion of a JIRA ticket". I think that more people will use the RFC Discussion forum to hash out the implementation of a new feature. Once that's done, a Jira ticket will be created describing what was decided in the discussion.

If you expect people to search Jira to find New Features and Improvements first, I think that you'll be disappointed. I know that I won't be doing that.

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