[Template]Message Box/Post Template Event

Request hook events and what data needs to be sent for the new hook system.
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[Template]Message Box/Post Template Event

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Identifier: posting_editor_message_inside

Immediately after

Code: Select all

<textarea <!-- IF S_UCP_ACTION and not S_PRIVMSGS and not S_EDIT_DRAFT -->name="signature" id="signature" style="height: 9em;"<!-- ELSE -->name="message" id="message"<!-- ENDIF --> rows="15" cols="76" tabindex="4" onselect="storeCaret(this);" onclick="storeCaret(this);" onkeyup="storeCaret(this);" onfocus="initInsertions();" class="inputbox">
before the closing textarea tag.
Prosilver Location (if applicable): ./styles/prosilver/template/posting_editor.html
Subsilver Location (if applicable):
Explanation: For applying post templates that user's want to use, and other ext's that might require edits be made to the content of the postbox (censoring changes, changes required for things like dice rolls that would show as garbled code or errors, changes to the quotes of previous users etc).

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