[RFC] Improved AntiSpam Countermeasures by default

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Re: [RFC] Improved AntiSpam Countermeasures by default

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MartinTruckenbrodt wrote:Hello,
in this point there are three types of HTTP blacklists:
  1. free, no registration and key required for checking, but registration and key required for reporting new spam - e.g. Stop Forum Spam
  2. free, but registration and key required for checking, too - e.g. Project Honey Pot
  3. non-free, but they are offering free editions, too - sometimes there are restrictions, e.g. in the number of free requests per day - registration and key required - e.g. BotScout or Akismet
@Callum: Please give us a source for your statement about the difference in the quality of the different HTTP blacklists you are writing about several times. It seems you haven't tested it or compared yourself. So please give us an external source.

Bye Martin
We should just add the complete RBL list from the ABM mod and leave most of them deactivated by default. That way admins can pick which, if any, they want to use. I've had great success with ABM, it really helps a lot.
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