[RFC|Replaced] topic_title, forum_title hook

These event requests have either been rejected by the community or have become redundant because of code changes or other events requests.
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[RFC|Replaced] topic_title, forum_title hook

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* Name: hook_topic_title, hook_forum_title

* Rationale: it allow to modified the title display of topic title. by passing this hook, it can be used to re-write the actual URL to be more clean by hook it into SEO MODules (seo MODX). also rest MODX such as topic title can easily altered to add tag like [SOLVE], [REQUEST]. also it can capable feature MODX to create auto-topic title by applying any TOKEN based on forum or scheme provide such as date, user create or rest.

* Placement: include/posting.php, viewtopic.php, viewforum.php

* Input arguments: $title, $recursive = null (this will include an array to altered or will be addon by other MODX), $permission

* Output format: $topic_title, $forum_title

* Output semantics:

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$posting_title = hook_topic_title($posting_title, $recursive = null, $permission);
* Infrastructure: void

* Related: hook_topic_row, hook_forum_row

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Re: topic_title, forum_title hook

Post by MichaelC »

This is already added in the viewtopic and viewforum events.
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