[RFC|Replaced] hook_display_page

These event requests have either been rejected by the community or have become redundant because of code changes or other events requests.
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[RFC|Replaced] hook_display_page

Post by imkingdavid »

EDIT: This no longer needs to be included once this is merged.

NOTE: I may be wrong on some of the items below, but this is my best guess on how it should work
  • Name: hook_display_page
  • Rationale: As discussed in this topic (about Self-Contained MODs), the issue was brought up about not being able to use front-facing files in MODs. Well, I suggested being able to use index.php as the gateway file and use a query string to access other files (e.g. "index.php?p=viewtopic&f=3&t=2"). This way, MOD authors could still contain their entire MOD in one folder, but be able to specify which file can be accessed as a front-facing MOD. This is quite similar to the ucp and mcp arrangement (i.e. "ucp.php?i=pm", "mcp.php?i=queue", etc.), except used globally. Nils suggested it be posted as a hook RFC.
  • Placement: index.php
  • Input arguments:
    • $path (string) path to file, relative to board root
  • Output format: true or false based on whether or not the file exists
  • Output semantics: If return is true, display the page the user is trying to access. Otherwise, display the forum index page (default for index.php).
  • Infrastructure: unsure
  • Related: unsure
Ideally, this would be as close to the top of index.php as possible, so that files can simply be include()-ed in without redoing all the setup stuff (i.e. $user->setup()). Might cause issues with including some files multiple times, though, regardless. But nils said this should be do-able for 3.1, so it shouldn't be too much work. :lol:
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Re: [RFC] hook_display_page

Post by MichaelC »

Replaced by Extension Front Controller.
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