[RFC] hook_registration_url

Request hook events and what data needs to be sent for the new hook system.
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[RFC] hook_registration_url

Post by Sam »

Name: hook_registration_url
Rationale: This hook will allow website to easily integrate their custom registration form.
Placement: ucp.php, includes/ucp/ucp_register.php
Input arguments: $url string - relative to the phpBB root, it should point to the custom registration page on one's website
Output format: $url string - new registration URL to be called in page_header() and outputted to the template.
Output semantics: none
Infrastructure: Calling this hook would introduce a custom URL for the register link and disable the default phpBB registration form.

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Re: [RFC] hook_registration_url

Post by weahmae »

The rationale seems good in integrating custom registration. But, how should I do this? Will you share it with us? This makes me interesting.
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Re: [RFC] hook_registration_url

Post by cleatusmcfarlan »

yes more easy user integration methods please!

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Re: [RFC] hook_registration_url

Post by Senky »

Maybe new function returning registration url could be introduced, so that even other extensions can add it to their code, and new registration url will be used there as well.

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