FTP Error: could not make directory

Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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FTP Error: could not make directory

Post by franj1606 »

Hi I am trying to install the following mod using EasyMOD.
I have a clean installation of phpBB, I have only added EasyMOD and the Members List mod.

I have looked through all the FAQ and read all the read me files and can see not reason for the error.

Please help.

Mod being installed: Anti-Spam ACP 2.0.8 Anti-Spam_ACP.mod

Error Message: Critical Error

Function Trace: open_files[5]->modio_open[2]->modio_mkdirs[1]->ftp_mkdir_struct[3]

FTP ERROR: could not make directory [processed]
Current dir: [/htdocs/forum/admin/mods/Anti-Spam_ACP_208]
MOD script line #256