[SOLVED]forum/topic icons not displaying

All style (template, theme and imageset) related questions for the new release; advice, feedback here please.
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[SOLVED]forum/topic icons not displaying

Post by noiz87 »

Hi there!

I have a problem that should be dealt with rather quickly, I'm in a bit of a rush. Here's the deal.
Link to forum: http://vip-cs.info/testforum/index.php (it's for the skin competition, it's not a real warez forum,cross my heart!)

History: I've made a skin based on prosilver. However, I've done a mistake- I haven't renamed the prosilver folder in the ftp, so when the skin got exported, it just linked back to all the themes/imagesets/templates old prosilver uses. I have fixed that issue by downloading the folder, renaming the folder's name, and all of the .cfg's "name" strings.

After that I got this rather weird problem. All of the images from the imageset folder (and /en subfolder) are being shown, with the exception of the forum/subforum/topic icons.

What I've tried:
I entered the imageset editor in the Admin cp, and those icons are recognised by the forum. I also let the forum refresh their size.
I've tried entering a direct link to any of the icons in my browser, they are recognised. Their names haven't been changed, or the file extensions.
I've uploaded the old template and theme folder, no change.
I've checked the page source code, and it's clear that the icons are officially there. However, "view background image" option when I right-click the icon space is not available.
Fact: the images are shown in IE. Making it a non-ie browser problem all of a sudden.. (all i know is that the icons can't be seen in firefox)

Thanks in advance!

Edit: It was a simple matter of the skin folder having a space in it's name :lol:
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Re: [SOLVED]forum/topic icons not displaying

Post by billstur »

Thank yo very much!!!! I had the same problem. I would not have ever figured that one out. I was about to give up my career as a master stylist. :lol:
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