No change after installing mods

Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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No change after installing mods

Post by DjangoVaal »

First of all I'm a newbie with phpbb.

I installed phpbb and I wanted to make a invitation-only forum so I looked for a mod. They said to first install easyMod, so I did. I had to manually install it, but it works just fine (I think). But after trying to install first Invitation Only U2U it didn't changed anything on the admin panel or somewhere else. I thought I made a mistake so I reinstalled my whole (and really everything) of the forum. But nothing changed again. So I reinstalled the wole forum again and now tried Invitation Only, another Mod, but again nothing changed. Though EM said that the mod was installed succesfull. So what could be the problem? Screenshots of mods clearly show that the admin panel has been changed after installing a mod.

By the way, I have the newest EM and the newest stable phpbb.

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Re: No change after installing mods

Post by Poomerio »

When uninstalling a phpBB install, first, go into the database and drop all of the tables.
Then delete the files, upload a freshly downloaded phpBB version, and install again.

That should be a resolution to the EasyMOD issue when re-installing EasyMOD/phpBB.

Let me know if that was too confusing to follow, and I'll explain it better.

- Poomie