EM and SQL

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EM and SQL

Post by Eleri »

this is the stupid n00b question for the day...
I have no access, at all, to the SQL portion of my board. For the one Mod I have installed, I had to email all the SQL changes to someone else.

So, can I use EM, or will it be very confused?

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Re: EM and SQL

Post by Raimon »

When the database user of your board (whit the setting you installed your board) have all the permissions like drop table, insert, update and more.
Than its not difficult, when you install a mod and that mod have a db_updater only, you can run it into your web browser (after you upload the file to your web host).
is it not confused , i should think earlier easier :)

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Re: EM and SQL

Post by Poomerio »

Although it's not recommended to run SQL queries through EasyMOD, you can do so.
If the MOD has an --[SQL]-- section, then EasyMOD will execute the queries.

- Poomie