MODS not installing with easyMOD

Wondering why that MOD you have won't install correctly? Let's take a look
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MODS not installing with easyMOD

Post by SniffMoney »

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here. I read countless post about people telling me easyMOD install's almost every MOD out there. But I have only been able to get one to work. I have easyMOD installed, with an anti spam MOD that installed with no issues. But since then, I've tried to install:, picture in profile MOD, a calendar MOD, and a photo gallery MOD and none of them would install with easyMOD.

so I figured that I had an old version of easyMOD.. I went to install the new one and it notified me that I was already running that version of easyMOD.

what am I doing wrong? I'm not sure why my easyMOD wont install the MODs listed above.
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Kevin Clark
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Re: MODS not installing with easyMOD

Post by Kevin Clark »

MODs are designed to be able to be installed on a clean unmodded version of whatever one they were tested on.

You may run into problems if
- the MOD is very old. Every time the software had an update there's a potential that the code that MOD is looking for may now be different so it might fail to find the bit it's looking for.
- you have other templates installed. They're not all written the same. Some MODs need to be hand added to templates.
- you have more than one MOD installed. Adding one MOD may change the default code that another MOD is looking for.

Use the MOD preview option. Look at which files are failing and why and see if you can do it by hand.
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Re: MODS not installing with easyMOD

Post by Obaba »

Having the same issue with EasyMod having the latest version on the Version changer listed, but in any other instance, has the old one listed.
I think it is how the Settings are, but I have 2 of the 3 forums I have with this issue.

Edit. Solved(for me at least). The issue was in both needing the reinstall and having username/pw/FTP path to phpBB(2)
Set the version of EasyMod lower first, remove and replace the mod with the newer version and reinstall
with the correct information.