[OBSOLETE] EasyMOD v0.2.1a released (for phpBB 2.0.x)

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[OBSOLETE] EasyMOD v0.2.1a released (for phpBB 2.0.x)

Post by wGEric »

EasyMOD v0.2.1a
We're very pleased to release EasyMOD version 0.2.1.a

EasyMOD is an automatic MOD installer. It does in seconds what used to be the laborious and time-consuming task of manually editing files. EM will install EasyMOD Compliant (EMC) MODs and will try to install all other MODs, as well. For most users, MOD installs should be completely automated. There are break points during the installation, so you can check what EM proposes to do before it makes any permanent changes.

Author's Notes
This release fixes bugs and other things. One of the major bugs that has been fixed is the problem with IN-LINE actions. IN-LINE actions should work fine with this version.

Also introduced is files and folders are chmodded to 755 for folders and 644 for files when using FTP. Before, only the server method for copy was chmodding the files.

The only major feature missing is an uninstaller, which is definitely planned before version 1.0.0. This version lacks a certain degree of polish, and the SQL and COPY commands may still be a bit buggy, but nothing show-stopping. This is the 11th public release of the program and most parts are battle-tested.

MOD Authors: Learn all about the proposed SQL Command implementation. Initial efforts have already been taken to document how best to write MODs for EM (EasyMOD Compliance). A key to success will be getting MOD Authors to write their MODs so they don't clash with other MOD installations. Our goal is to present a method that is as clear, reasonable, and unobtrusive as possible.

Lastly, thank you to everyone that has pitched in, whether it be translations, graphics, or hard core testing. You've been a big help!


Downloading EasyMOD
EasyMOD is available for download from the attachment at the bottom of this post.

Installing EasyMOD
  1. Download the archive of the latest EasyMOD.
  2. Extract it into the admin/ directory of your phpBB2 installation. The proper directory hierarchy should be phpBB2/admin/mods/easymod/. The image below shows a proper setup.
  3. From a web browser, open http://www.example.com/admin/mods/easymod/easymod_install.php, where www.example.com is the URL to your board, and the installer will guide you through everything. No modifications will occur before warning you first.
  4. If you are using FTP access, make sure you, as the owner, have write permission on ALL your phpBB files (CHMOD 755).
If you need more detailed instructions for installing EasyMOD, please read this topic.

Upgrading EasyMOD
It is advised that you remove any previous admin/mods/easymod/ directories. Once they are out of the way, just follow the install instructions above. EasyMOD will figure everything else out.

  • Choose from some fully-automated installation methods and some manual methods, as well. You decide what's best for you!
  • The modified files generated can be:
    1. written directly to server (requires write access in the mods/ directory).
    2. written to a buffer and FTP'd into place (requires FTP access).
    3. written to a tmp file and FTP'd into place (requires PHP FTP extension).
    4. downloaded to your local machine.
    5. written on screen in a separate browser window (requires you to be sadistic ;)).
  • If you are satisfied with the modifications, the files can then be moved into place:
    1. by the copy command (fully automated: requires write access to ALL directories, from phpBB root downward).
    2. via FTP (fully automated: requires FTP access):
      • by default, using fsockopen().
      • alternately, using the PHP FTP Extension.
    3. by executing a script (fully automated: requires permission to run scripts).
    4. manually (requires your time ;)).
  • SQL processing for all supported DBMS types.
  • MD5 hashing and Blowfish encryption to protect sensitive data.
  • Preview Mode allows for viewing how proposed changes will look in a file.
  • Robust installer.
  • The program is ready to accept translations for multiple languages.
  • Support for ALL MOD Template functions.
  • Install MODs to all installed themes.
  • Install MODs to all installed languages.
  • Automatically backups up files before modifying. (You should still make your own backups, though!)
  • Continued processing if non-English or non-subSilver file fails. You decide if you want to continue or not.
  • Password protected. Even administrators cannot access EM unless the board owner gives them the password.
  • Object oriented programming. Classes could be used in other programs.
  • Install EMC MODs.
  • Try to install non-EMC MODs.
  • Settings Adminstration Control Panel.
  • Installed MODs history Adminstration Control Panel.
  • View MOD script from the install screen by clicking a link.
  • Security-conscious every step of the way.
  • MOD script line numbers appear wherever they will be helpful.
  • Convenient install debugger.
  • And more!
EasyMOD is going international! Translations of lang_easymod.php are needed! Several translations have been completed in the past, but they will need to be updated for all of the new language variables in this version. Translations will be available in this topic. If you have translated EasyMOD into a language that's not already available there, please send your translation to wGEric via PM.


Version History
A complete list of changes to the EasyMOD code, including past versions, can be found here.

Language Pack History
A complete list of changes to the EasyMOD language variables, including past versions, can be found here.


View all files

Spelling Cow
Spelling cow is a spell checker that can check the spellling of your posts before you submit. Spelling Cow has been confirmed to work with EasyMOD. You can find it in the EasyMOD package or download it here:
http://www.spellingcow.com/phpBB2/portal.php?page=2" target="_blank
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Re: EasyMOD v0.2.1a released (for phpBB 2.0.x)

Post by wGEric »

Version 0.2.1a has been released and fixes the problem with ftp_chmod not existing.

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