I need experienced help

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I need experienced help

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Hi, can I benefit your help. I install theme for my first try personel website . I download Ravaio theme and confugration extensions doesnt work.
i installed extention in /ext and folder structure is /gramziu/ravaio but i see nothing in acp. Composer.json on my FTP but doesnt work ext.
I tried everything maybe extention broken. Could you check it nad reply this post. I use 3.2 everythings are ok except this about theme. I get this theme in Nulledbb theme section. Ask sharer but not answer yet.

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Re: I need experienced help

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Extension support needs to be obtained from the extension developer. Ravaio looks to be a theme from Theme Forrest so you'll need to contact them for further assistance as we cannot possibly provide any and it would be especially impossible in this case since it is a paid theme.

Thank you.

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Re: I need experienced help

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The better solution is if the OP pays for the theme then solution would be easy otherwise little bit tricky. :)
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