I want to purchase this BBS, how do I

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I want to purchase this BBS, how do I

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I got a chance to use this BBS system and its perfect for our organization. Ive looked all over the site and there isnt a phone number to call, or a price of the site. I do have a server with NS that will host 5 websites and I have 3 there presently
Can anyone help me?? Im 66 years old, not that computer savy like my grandson, but I can program and build given a little time.
Id love to hook this up to our regular website with a link, just need the knowledge and where to get it.

Thanks for helping an old man

Jeff :D
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Re: I want to purchase this BBS, how do I

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phpBB is free to use. If someone is trying to sell you a license for it, run or drive away as fast as you can. For help with learning about phpBB you'd be better off at our regular support site: https://www.phpbb.com/community/ This board is for discussing future in development versions of phpBB. At no time should you run the DEV version on a live production site.

bonelifer (William),
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