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Re: Git development branches

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M.Gaetan89 wrote:I noticed there is no branch 3.2.x. Is there a reason?

More generally, will branch 'develop-x' be synced with its corresponding new branch? (as long as the 'develop-x' branch exists, of course).
Or should current PR be rebased against '3.x' instead of 'develop-x'?
So master is 3.2 I believe.
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Re: Git development branches

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we will merge PRs that go against develop* branches into the respective 3.*.x branches.
develop is now called master.

The develop branches are abandoned and will not be kept in sync.
They will also be dropped as soon as the PRs against them are merged.
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Re: Git development branches

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just to confirm, what's the 3.2 branch called ? "Master" ?
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Re: Git development branches

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