Ability To branch replys off main topic

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Ability To branch replys off main topic

Post by JimAnderson »

This has probably come up before but I did not find it with Search.

One thing that was great about the older "Google Style" bbs' was that:
If you replied to a specific post in the chain it would "branch off" which made it easier to follow different aspics of the topic.

User_1 starts a topic about space woman being tall.
User_2 agrees and states the green eyed ones seems to be taller.
...|.....User_3 disagrees with User_2 and states the red eyed ones are taller
...|.....User_5 states that the eye color has nothing to do with height
............|....User_6 agrees
.....................|........user_7 agrees and states they also have big feet
user_4 wonders what the tallest one was

Example of what I am trying to explain can be found here:
http://www.lottobuster.com/eboard/archi ... l/main.htm

Many thanks for listening

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Re: Ability To branch replys off main topic

Post by code reader »

what you describe is known as "threaded" forum.
ironically, the reason why phpbb even exists is because theFinn did not like the threaded style...
at the time he needed a bbs system for his wife's web site, the only open-source, php-based forum software that he could find was phorum, which is threaded (unlike the "flat" phpbb). the other software was perl based rather than php-based.
since he wanted both php and flat, and since he failed to find the one or two obscure packages that met those two objectives, he created phpbb.

phorum was then and still is now an excellent and very respectable forum software. in the years since, it acquired the ability to use "flat" style as well as threaded style. it never reached the popularity of phpbb, but those who use it are unlikely to switch to any other php-based forum: they will switch when time comes to ditch php altogether in favor of something better (and maybe this time will come quicker than many think...).

the perl-based forum (i think it was called yabb or somesuch) was since converted to php, and if i am not mistaken one of its forks eventually became SMF.

and now you want to teach phpbb to do the threaded thing.... as they say, the world is round :)


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Re: Ability To branch replys off main topic

Post by z2z »

OT: Never knew this! Amazing history :) theFinn is James Atkinson?

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Re: Ability To branch replys off main topic

Post by Erik Frèrejean »

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Re: Ability To branch replys off main topic

Post by narung »

I also appreciate this topic.Above discussion have clear concept. :D

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Re: Ability To branch replys off main topic

Post by munix »

Is a great idea :D

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