Finding a designer or developer for phpBB App/extension

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Finding a designer or developer for phpBB App/extension

Post by MichaelGConner »

I am new to phpBB. We have just installed phpBB on Azure with several extensions. We are exploring functionality.

I am a form engineer/programmer but am by no means conversant in PHP or SQL. I created and manage (as a volunteer) a small Healthcare App and CMS for a small non-profit Healthcare organization. We support and promote health care for all.

I need a consultant, designer or developer to discuss feasibility of creating a downloadable App for push notifications to providers' via SMS and/or SMTP. If required, I have access to part time volunteer Azure, angular, PHP, mySQL and APP resources.

It also my understanding that the Senky push notification ext to browsers is blocked by iphone OS but not other like Android OS, etc. I have found limited discussion on push notification for phpBB. I need the App service for PN or something better than PN. I'm not interested in monetizing the App. Our users routinely check email and text. Notification subscriptions for forum of topic that allow App functionality would be valuable.

Perhaps I missed and existing solution or I maybe I have a meaningful purpose.
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Re: Finding a designer or developer for phpBB App/extension

Post by DavidIQ »

We have a forum for such requests: